My Cyber Security Awareness Month talks at ORL Kelowna

October is Cyber Security Awareness Month and I'm looking forward to speaking twice for the Okanagan Regional Library (ORL) branch in Kelowna.  

My two hour-long online talks will present cybersecurity hygiene, the basic set of security measures that all individuals, families, and businesses should implement (and maintain over time) to reduce their risks from cybersecurity threats: malware (ransomware, viruses, ...), social engineering (phishing, smishing, business email compromise, ...), device theft, loss, or destruction, etc.

The October 14 talk will cover passwords, password managers, and two-factor authentication (2FA) while the October 28 talk will deal with data backup, email and phone security, mobile and computer security, and user awareness training.  Oct. 28 talk will also briefly present some of the additional security measures beyond that multi-person businesses should implement.

These talks are being presented online and free of charge.  You can take part online or in person at ORL Kelowna.  If you're interested, please register here: