Security Architecture presentation at VanSecSIG

Security architecture is one of those things that everyone agrees is a great idea but also means different things to different people.  I did a short presentation yesterday on the subject to the Vancouver Security SIG (VanSecSIG, SecSIG, infosecbc.org) and thought I'd post the deck publicly in case it's of interest to others.

Click the image below for the PDF.
 Security Architecture


Enterprise Architecture and TOGAF

Originally from February 1...

If you're looking, as I was, for an introduction to enterprise architecture and TOGAF (The Open Group Architecture Framework), you might want to check out at Enterprise Architects' Introduction to Enterprise Architecture (EntrArch) course at Open2Study:


I just completed this video-based course and highly recommend it. No, you won't leave it an EA or TOGAF expert, but you'll have a conceptual model that should make it possible for you to converse with enterprise architects and to pick up additional learning.