Cybersecurity Hygiene slides

Earlier this week I presented an information security talk via Zoom to the Okanagan Young Professionals Collective.  The OYP Collective is sponsored by the Central Okanagan Economic Development Commission (COEDC).

Unlike most of my talks this one was aimed entirely at individuals, although with a for pointers small business too.  Of course all the security controls that I presented fully apply to businesses of all sizes.

Here is the PDF of my presentation. And this is the TL;DR in case you want to start taking action (and I hope you will):
  1. Ensure you/family/team are resistant to social engineering
  2. Get a password manager and stop typing your passwords
  3. Change all passwords to unique, starting with most important
  4. Get a TOTP authenticator and use it wherever supported
  5. Ensure your main email account is damned secure
  6. Back up your data (encrypted) to the cloud and locally
  7. Harden all your devices: updates, strong PINs/PWs, FDE, ...
  8. Train yourself/family/team on security & privacy, keep learning