LastPass now mostly free for personal use

In case you didn't notice, as of last week LastPass is essentially free for personal use. A password manager is great way to improve your online security, because it allows you to use a unique, long, random password for every account.

LastPass announced a change to their pricing plan last week that make the vast majority of their non-enterprise features available to the Free tier. If you're not currently using a password manager, or if you're mixing your personal account into your enterprise account (if you have one through your company), this should interest you.  More info on their tiers at the bottom of: https://www.lastpass.com/

Some cool features of LastPass:
  • You can link your personal account to your enterprise account.  You can then access all your personal account logins/notes from your enterprise account, but your personal information stays inaccessible to enterprise admins.  More info: https://enterprise.lastpass.com/getting-started/link-personal-account/
  • If your partner/spouse/best friend/etc. gets a free account, you can set up selective sharing of logins/notes, and folders of logins/notes, between you and your partner.
  • You can set up Emergency Access between your account and your partner's account.  If something happens to you, your partner can request access to your account, and after a configurable delay of X days, they will get that access.  At any time during those X days you can reject the request.  More info: https://helpdesk.lastpass.com/emergency-access/

If you're wary of trusting your account credentials and other personal information to the cloud, know the LastPass is a "zero knowledge" service, meaning that all your secrets are encrypted on your computers/devices before they get sent to the LastPass servers, and the encryption keys used are never sent to the servers.  This applies to their sharing and Emergency Access features too.  More info: https://lastpass.com/enterprise/security/